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About the Book:

The odds of building and sustaining a career as an independent musician are better today than ever before. But creating great music is just the beginning. In order to succeed, you’ve got to sell it, too. That requires a skill set that doesn’t come naturally to many artists, some of whom waste thousands of dollars in expenses—and generate only frustration—because they lack the information they need to work smarter.

The good news is, artists can learn to think like entrepreneurs. From recording and packaging to booking gigs and marketing, an independent artist can hop on the road to success, or gallop farther along, by cultivating business acumen.

From Art to Commerce: A Workbook for Independent Musicians is the companion book to the comprehensive one-day workshop created by Grammy-winning producer, manager and publicist Tamara Saviano and independent artist Rod Picott. From Art to Commerce demystifies the perplexing elements of the music business and teaches the entrepreneurial skills essential to building and maintaining a healthy career.

Within the workbook, independent artists will learn how to develop diverse revenue streams, control costs, maximize music catalogs and decide if and when to hire professional help. The workbook will empower artists with tools and information to make savvy decisions and thrive as music-business professionals.


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